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Cultuurcentrum De Hutten
Hutten 2
5571 VG Bergeijk
kantoor Utrecht 030-2960644


"Seductive, inspirational, passionate!" Latin Beat Magazine, USA

CaboCubaJazz is the brainchild of one of Europe's top percussionists, Nils Fischer, and Cape Verdean master pianist Carlos Matos. In an inimitable way, the ensemble blends the joyful dances and the melancholy of the Cape Verdean Islands with a generous portion of sweeping Cuban rumba, salsa and adventurous jazz. The result: 100% CaboCubaJazz.


Both the listener and the dancer are taken on a journey where desire, passion, subtlety and musical fire alternate. Their debut album "Rikeza y Valor" has received worldwide plaudits and since it's launch, CaboCubaJazz has toured basically everywhere in The Netherlands and also fascinated audiences in Canada, Germany, Finland, Austria, Thailand, Luxembourg and Norway. CD Rikeza y Valor is elected best worldmusic CD by Dutch journalists and was nominated four times at the Cabo Verde Music Awards 2012

Quintet Nils Fischer [GERMANY] percussion Carlos Matos [CAPE VERDE] piano, rhodes Dina Medina [CAPE VERDE] vocal Yerman Aponte [VENEZUELA] bass Armando Vidal [CUBA] drums

Octet Alberto Caicedo [COLOMBIA] vocal Joe Rivera [PUERTO RICO] trumpet David Rothschild [USA] trombone

Septet featuring Amik Guerra Amik Guerra [CUBA] trumpet Alberto Caicedo [COLOMBIA] vocal

Nils Fischer’s groovy and powerful playing make him one of Europe’s top percussionists, touring and recording internationally with an array of premier bands. Trained in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Brazil, he has had the honor to share the stage with such legendary figures as Giovanni Hidalgo, Pío Leiva, Orestes Vilató, Armando Peraza and Paquito D'Rivera. His debut album "¡Gracias Joe Cuba!” is internationally seen as a modern classic already.

Cape Verdean pianist/keyboarder/composer/arranger Carlos Matos is the musical ambassador of Cape Verdean music in Europe, which makes him a very in-­‐demand musician. His playing is deeply rooted in the songtradition of his home islands, combined with Cuban-­‐style piano playing and strong influences by the likes of Herbie Hancock and Gonzalo Rubalcaba. On his critically acclaimed CD “Caboverdianismo” he fuses Jazz and Cape Verdean music.

Singer extraordinaire Dina Medina was raised with the music of Cape Verde -­‐ the origin of her parents. As an international artist touring in Africa, USA and Europe, she is equally at home at all the Cape Verdean musical genres, nevertheless she really loves to sing the morna, which is "the blues" of her home islands. Her first album “Paixão e Coração” was an international hit. Her most recent CD “Mornamente” has got rave reviews both at home and abroad. Dina was officially elected 'Best Cape Verdian Female Singer" at the Cabo Verde Music Awards 2012.

One of Venezuela's foremost bass players, Yerman Aponte, bridges the genres of jazz, latin, funk and world music easily. Already as a youngster, he performed with many top-­‐notch artists in Venezuela. Later, he continued to work with international artists, among others Paquito de Rivera, Al Di Meola & Chucho Valdez.

Armando Vidal, drummer/percussionist/singer was born in Holguin in the east of Cuba and graduated from the Havana Conservatory (E.N.A.) in 1992 as a classical and Cuban music percussion player. With his soulful and virtuoso playing, he plays not only in almost every authentic Latin and Latin jazz band in The Netherlands, but he also toured in Italy, Great Britain, Israel, Hungary and the USA with international artists.

Singer, pianist and percussionist Alberto Caicedo was born in Guapi, Colombia. His musical interest started to develop at the age of 10, playing with the kids from the neighborhood. In 1996 Alberto Caicedo decided to move to Cali the salsa capital, where he took part in numerous salsa and folklore projects. In 2000 Alberto took the decision to emigrate to Europe, looking for new musical challenges. Throughout his musical career he has traveled internationally and performed with artists like David Pavon, Roberto Blades, Frankie Vasquez, Marco Borsato, Mario Rivera “Mayito”, Willie Cólon and Cheo Feliciano. Alberto’s debut CD is ‘La Voz De Colombia’.

Trumpet player Amik Guerra was born in Havana, Cuba, where he also grew up and studied at ”Escuela Nacional de Instructores de Arte”. Since 1994 he resides in Europe, he is travelling all-­‐over the world with top orchestras like Afro Cuban Allstars, Italuba, Mercado Negro and Buena Vista Social Club. Amik definitely is one of the most prominent jazz and Latin trumpeters around.

Joe Rivera is from New York & Puerto Rico. He studied in New York and played as a freelance musician different bands. In 1982 he left to Europe. After a couple of years working in France, he arrived in The Netherlands. He recorded with among others the famous dutch artists Mathilde Santing, Gerard Joling, Piet Veerman en Renee Froger. He toured with the Glenn Miller Orchestra in Europe and Japan.

New York native David Rothschild is number one Latin trombonist in Holland. He toured with the Glenn Miller Orchestra in Europe and Japan. He is member of Timbazo, Rumbatá, he Cubop City Big Band and The New Cool Collective Big Band and frequently plays with the Metropole Orchestra.